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The basic set of ETS training manuals consists of nine booklets, comprising approximately 72 lessons.  You have the option of ordering professionally printed copies (click here for more information) or in downloading them as free documents in PDF format (below).  A brief description of the training manuals is found at the bottom of this page.

     Brown Download    Overview of ETS Program 

   Equipping the Saints Course Training Manuals

     Brown Download    ETS Introductory Guide

     Brown Download    ETS Book 1A:  Establishing the Vision

     Brown Download    ETS Book 1B:  Building the Basics

     Brown Download    ETS Book 2A:  Evangelizing as a Lifestyle

     Brown Download    ETS Book 2B:  Conserving Evangelism's Fruit

     Brown Download    ETS Book 3A:  Discipling in Small Groups

     Brown Download    ETS Book 3B:  Reproducing Laborers

     Brown Download    ETS Book 4A:  Developing Leadership

     Brown Download    ETS Book 4B:  Mastering the Bible

   Additional Resource Materials

     Brown Download    Studies in John

     Brown Download    The Priesthood of Every Believer

     Brown Download    Visual Survey of the Bible

     Brown Download    The Life of Christ

     Brown Download    My Walk with God Planner


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Equipping The Saints is a world-wide discipleship training program. Each lesson is designed for one-on-one disciplemaking or for small groups. If groups meet weekly the program is completed in under eighteen months. This course will take a new or mature believer through all the major doctrines in the Bible and will make them into active and capable "fishers of men" reproducing disciples who are fruitful to the fourth generation.

Four courses are divided into eight books containing eight lessons each (64 lessons in total). The focus of each book are as follows:

Book 1A - Establishing The Vision
Book 1B - Building The Basics
Book 2A - Evangelism As A Lifestyle
Book 2B - Conserving Evangelism's Fruit
Book 3A - Discipling In Small Groups
Book 3B - Reproducing Laborers
Book 4A -Developing Leadership
Book 4B - Mastering The Bible

Course work includes teaching and outside assignments (reading and Bible study) as well as Scripture memory. Classes are broken into smaller accountability groups to ensure application of truths being learned. Covering all the major doctrines of the Bible, and practical areas such as money and time management, as well as leadership skills and building Christian character, the courses are aimed at training participants to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission to "... go and make disciples of all the nations... "

Lecture classes are broken into smaller groups to ensure accountability and application. Ten subject areas are woven throughout the course content:

1. The Layman And The Great Commission
2. Evangelism
3. Personal And Spiritual Management
4. Basic Christian Living
5. Follow-up
6. Discipleship
7. Advanced Follow-up
8. Leadership
9. Christian Character
10. Survey Of The Bible

** Equipping The Saints is available in multiple languages and can be purchased in an adult or youth edition. To order Equipping The Saints in any language other than English, please call 903.455.3782. **

Author: Dave L. Dawson.