StartNewLife Cover  Starting My New Life in Christ

This 26 page booklet is published by the ministry of Proclaiming the Secret as a follow-up for those who have recently trusted Christ as their Savior.  The booklet is designed to go with the gospel tract, "The Secret to Life's Meaning."  Click the picture to the left to view a PDF copy.


Once you become a new Christian, you need some good resources that will
help you grow as a committed disciple.  Each of the following resources
are excellent for this purpose.

  Nav 3 Bks   Navigator 2:7 Series

This is a course in personal discipleship that is meant to strengthen your walk with God.  The study consists of three booklets that you can work through alone or in a small group.  For more information about the series, click here.  For further help, click the picture to the left to go to the Navigator's sight for the 2:7 Series (a video is also available).

These can be ordered on Amazon.com.
  ETS Booklets Equipping the Saints

The materials produced by Equipping the Saints (ETS) are some of the best discipleship materials available.  You can purchase the booklets, or you can download PDF copies free.  For more information, click the picture to the left or contact Dr. Dwain Camp for additional information.
  FamGrace-Bing2b  Living in the Family of Grace  -  by Dr. Charlie Bing

This is an excellent discipleship workbook, suitable for both individuals and small groups.  Copies are available for $14 and can be ordered at the GraceLife website:   www.gracelife.org.  Highly recommended as a great sequel to "Starting My New Life in Christ."  Click the picture to the left to go directly to the book order at GraceLife.


  IBS Header
The Internet Biblical Seminary

IBS is an online training center for taking biblically-based courses on the internet.  IBS offers a large variety of courses from very basic training to more advanced studies.  Click the picture above to go to the website.  Course materials can also be downloaded in PDF format.


  Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet

This is a website containing a number of helpful biblical and theological studies.  Most of this material is for the more advanced student of Scripture.  Click the picture to the left to go to the website.


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